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Projects Undertaken

Within one year of our operation, we have been able to cater to companies and organization of great repute. The projects which we have undertaken either are accomplished or on the verge of a successful completion. Following are the projects we have undertaken for following companies:

Gas Pipe Line Planning For Gail (Indrprastha Gas Ltd) New Delhi
  • Digitization of Delhi State Map with all physical details on the scale of 1:25,000
  • Base map for digitization was from Survey Of India map provided by GAIL & Satellite Image
  • Planning of proposed
  • CNG stations on the major roads, DTC depot and industrial locations.
Sesmic Data Conversion For ONGC, Dehradun
  • Digitization and Geo-coding of well sites marked on the various type of sheets and database creation for the geographical sites of the wells
Survey And Alignment For Delhi Metro Rail Corporation
  • Survey of the Shahdara-Tis hazari corridor on the scale of 1:1000,with all physical details i.e. roads, building, water channels, railway track with spot levels and chainage details
  • DMRC alignment study with RITES and PAN INDIA
Survey And Designing Of The Shastri Park Station (DMRC)
  • Survey for the station site on the scale of 1:500 and planning for the structure
Drainage System Planning For Nevyeli Power Plant (ABB)
  • Existing and proposed drainage system planned in co-ordination with Department of Civil Engineering, I.I.T. Delhi and Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
  • Survey and digital conversion of the site on the scale of 1:2000 with all physical details and contouring, also carried out engineering survey for the x-sections and H.F.L. calculations
         Differrent Estate of  New Delhi (CPWD)
  • Survey of the different estate carried out at the scale of 1:1000 with all existing details i.e. roads drain trees manholes electric poles telephone poles sewage lines water lines, contours
Survey and Alignment For The Proposed Fng Expressway (Faridabad-Noida-Ghaziabad)
  • Survey of the FNG expressway carried out on the scale of 1:1000 and digitization of Khasra maps
  • Study of Yamuna river carried out in different weather conditions with the help of satellite imagery
  • With the help of all these maps, study was carried out for the marking of final alignment
  • Digitization of all these states on the different scales as provided by the State Governments
  • Marking different types of transmission lines with all major stations, sub stations (Existing, proposed & sanctioned) with the power generating stations (Thermal, Nuclear etc.)
Planning Of The Transmission Towers In Delhi State
  • With the digital data of Delhi we marked the location of the transmission towers with frequency range as directed by MOTOROLA and conversion of whole data into ASCII format for the transmission purpose
Gas Pipe Line Planning For The British Gas In Mumbai
  • Digitization of the Bombay city maps plans and marking of the all the major intersections, alignment for the route
Sewage Pipe Line Planning For South City Kanpur
  • Digitization of the plans given by KDA and Digitization of KANPUR
  • Map on the scale of 1:25,000. (INDO-DUTCH PROJECT)
Sewage system & road network planning of bawel (haryana) with I.I.T. Delhi. For (huda)
  • Digital conversion of all the maps & plans provided by State Government and Planning of road network and sewage system with latest technologies
Study of earth quake prone areas in hilly areas of u.p. With dept. Of Earth Sciences University Of Roorkee

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