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Infrastructure & Facilities

The efficiency and reliability of our civil engineering consultancy services depends a lot on the advanced facilities we are equipped with. Our professionals use these software and other technical facilities to the fullest for arriving to the most accurate and effective results. We are equipped with the following facilities:

Digital Terrain Modeling and Digital Elevation Model (DTM & DEM)

It is an in-house software development and customization for generating accurate 3-D models of the ground surface for optimizing applications in Transport, infrastructure, Map Evaluation, Telecom Networking, Geology and Civil Engineering. This constitutes of the following:
  • Land Information System (LIS)
  • Land Use Planning
  • Landscape Modeling
  • Forestry and Bio-Diversity Management
  • Environmental Monitoring & Survey

Considering the kind of geo-technical services that we offer, it is of high importance to make use of latest softwares and research tools. Thus, we have expertise with the following kinds of software:
  • Auto CAD Rel. 2000
  • CAD Overlay
  • CivilCAD
  • Autoplotter
  • Microstation
  • ERDAS: Imagine processing software for extracting, developing, processing and analyzing remotely sensed data in digital mode
  • ARC GIS package for data storing/retrieval, display, data management (ARCINFO)
  • MapInfo
  • Mapbasic

The various hardware we have are following:
  • Workstations 10 Nos.
  • HP Server
  • HP 550PS A0 plotter
  • Widecom A0 Scanner
  • HP CD writer
  • Light table etc
Survey Equipment
  • Total survey stations (Topcon 2 nos. Model 325 accuracy 5 secs, Horizon 2 nos. Model HT 352 accuracy 2 secs)
  • Auto Levels (5 Nos.)
  • Optic Theodolite NITD
Along with these, we utilize Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) to establish GPS control points based on WGS-84 co-ordinate system. Further, Total Station traverse control is carried out between DGPS co-ordinates, to establish co-ordinates of all turning points, intermediate points and the flag control points, so that all co-ordinates are in terms of WGS-84 coordinate system. Moreover, we also deploy Total Station for all survey measurements, readings required for planimetry, information and feature capturing, and levels which shall be with respect to Mean Sea Level. The system shall be capable of integrating with advanced computer software for data capturing, down loading and preparation of engineering drawings and alignment sheets. With the data captured, it should be feasible to create a Digitised Terrain Model through the use of engineering software. Due to these facilities, we are in a position to deliver 4-5 lacs data entries per day.

Our Mentors

We have been doing exceedingly well under the profound and influential leadership of our mentors Mr. Ashutosh Shukla. A GIS professional, this enthusiastic 35 year old has about 17 years experience in the field of Survey and GIS. He began his career with RMSI, New Delhi as a Group leader for a GIS project (GECC flood project USA) and worked with CE info systems (P) Ltd., New Delhi as Sr. Technical Support Executive.

Later on, he worked for Sun Info Systems (P) Ltd., New Delhi as Technical Head, L& Q Surveys (P) Ltd., New Delhi (one of the leading survey companies in Delhi) as a Technical Director and Paridhi Technosoft (P) Ltd., New Delhi. He was also associated with World Bank in the capacity of Asst. Director. Consultant for World Bank funded National Highway project (Survey and alignment studies). Along with that, he has also been a consultant to Forest Survey of India, Forest Research Institute Dehradun, ONGC, Space Graphics (P) Ltd., New Delhi, Basemap India (P) Ltd., New Delhi, Pathfinder India (P) Ltd., New Delhi.

Our Team

Our highly qualified and experienced team is the driving force of our organization. We have professionals who have done exceedingly well in their concerned sphere of work due to their technical expertise and their strong customer focus. We provide our team with environment where knowledge transfer can be actively passed and the flow of information can be convenient within hierarchies. The team consists of the professionals belonging to the following areas:
  • Topographic Surveying
  • Soil Investigations
  • Geo-technical Engineering
  • Project Management
  • CAD
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Software Engineering & Development
  • Civil Engineering
  • Cartography
  • GIS Database Management
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Remote Sensing & Satellite Imaging
  • Forestry
  • Environment Engineering
  • Urban Planners & Architects
One of the most important members of our management is Mr Dan Singh Dev, who is a graduate in civil engineering and has about 14 years experience in the field of survey and GIS. He began his career with Kampsax India Ltd. as technical manager and later on worked with Intec Infocomm (P) Ltd as Sr. GIS manager. Along with that, he has handled important projects for Reliance Industries, ABB, GTIL, Reliance Infocomm, NDPL etc.

He has worked for GAIL, CMC, Indian Oil Corporation, IGL, SBI, ONGC, CPWD, NHAI, BSES. Owing to his vast knowledge in the concerned sphere of activity, he also effectively handled projects for System integration from one platform (COBOL) to another (ORACLE) under UNIX Platform for Power Sector Company of Tata Power (NDPL ) for the North Delhi division. He has also handled project of more than 100 manpower for the Overseas Client in BPO Sector, (Health Insurance Sector).

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